The Perfins Club Library


Only Perfin Club members in good standing may borrow material from The Perfins Club Library. Additionally the library will provide photocopies of any library materials to any member — anywhere in the world — at the rate of .25 cents (U.S. Dollars) per page plus the cost of postage. Computer scans (jpegs) of some materials (non-copyrighted) can be provided free. The conditions for use of the library are:

1. Requests must include your Perfin Club membership number, legible address, phone number and e-mail address (if available),

2. Materials may be borrowed for up to 30 days, returns must be made promptly.

3. Borrowers must pay all shipping charges. The librarian will pay postage on shipments to borrowers. Borrowers must include the mailing amount of postage, when returning the material, plus $1.00 for the cost of the shipping materials. If a “FLAT RATE” USPS PRIORITY or EXPRESS envelope is used, this fee can be waived.

4. Borrowers must take every precaution to protect library material while it is in their possession, and must pack it securely for the return trip to the library. A code number is assigned to each item in the library. Please use the code number when requesting materials. Clip files include miscellaneous clippings, old worksheets, and/or articles about a particular topic or country. Current worksheets are drafts of potential catalogs. They are not final listings. They are constantly subject to change.

Requests will be filled as rapidly as possible. Obviously, some volumes are more popular than others, and there are waiting lists for them. That’s why it is so important that you return materials promptly.

Special “MEDIA MAIL” rate (check with your local US Post Office), may be used to return materials to the library, but the package must be clearly addressed to (this postal regulation may have changed also):

OAK PARK MI 48237-2212

Suggestions that will keep you in good standing with the Librarian and the US Post Office:

1. Don’t include personal notes, when you return materials by MEDIA MAIL rate. The US Postal Service (USPS) frowns on such and they do check.

2. Please make sure you return the library charge sheet included with the shipment when it is sent to you. That’s how the Librarian keeps up with things.

3. Please make sure to reimburse the Librarian for the postage used on the shipment to you and include $1.00 for the shipping materials.

Reimbursements in U.S. funds or MINT US regular rate stamps only. Please do not send foreign stamps. Other than a small charge for the cost of shipping materials and upkeep, The Perfins Club does not make a service charge for use of the Library. Your help in making sure that the library materials are packed carefully, returned promptly, and protected while in your possession is appreciated.

Address all requests and correspondences concerning the Perfins Club Library to:

The Perfins Club Library
Douglas Cutler
23095 Ithaca St
Oak Park MI 48237-2212

PHONE: 248-212-0821