Perfins Club Information

Services of The Perfins Club

The Perfins Club was organized in 1943 and has continued as a specialty society since that time. The club was the pioneer perfins organization, leading to the founding of numerous other perfins groups in the world. The club continues to strive to be the leading perfins society, with a worldwide membership and an array of extensive services available to its members.

  • The Perfins Bulletin is the official journal of the club, published 6 times per year and sent to all active members. The award winning 20+ page journal is filled with informative articles about all perfins, U.S., and worldwide, as well as club news and features. Articles by members about their discoveries, research projects, or on any perfins topics are always welcome.
  • Publications is one of the featured services the club provides. The first catalog of perfins The U.S. Perfins Catalog, began to be serially published in the journal, then became a separate publication in 1966, with the last major revision published in 1998. The club has also published non-U.S. catalogs as club projects, and as publisher of catalogs prepared by members working with the club’s Foreign Catalog editor. The club also provides, through its Publication Sales manager, perfins publications from other sources as available.
  • The Club Library is probably the largest repository of information on perfins in existence. The club librarian maintains a list of material available for loan to members, and the list is periodically published in the journal. Donations of perfins articles from any source are always welcome.
  • Club Sales Circuits are available for both single perfins, U.S., and foreign and covers. The Sales Circuit managers’ addresses are published in the journal, and members can both buy and sell through the circuits. Send a #10 SASE to either (or both) Sales managers for details about their circuit operations.
  • Club Auctions appear in the journal 4-5 times per year and usually consist of 300-400 lots of U.S. and foreign perfins and covers. Members may both bid on lots in the auctions and consign material for sale through the auctions. The Auction chairman’s address is in every issue of the journal.
  • Research into perfins, even though having been around for over 132 years, is still in the beginning stages. Impressive efforts have been made in producing catalogs for the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, France, India, Italy, and several other countries, and the club has published the World Perfins Catalog in several volumes. New discoveries appear all the time. As new information appears, the need for major revisions of some works, as well as publication of new catalogs is ever present. Everyone, new member or veteran, can contribute. You are encouraged to contact the respective Catalog Chairs to join in the effort.