Join The Perfins Club

Annual Dues to The Perfins Club includes a subscription to The Perfins Bulletin. The club is on a July to June dues year. New applicants should remit dues as follows:

Application Date U.S. Canada Foreign Time Period
Jan, Feb, March $22. $26. $34. 18 Months
April, May, June $19. $23. $32. 15 Months
July, August, September $15. $18. $25. 12 Months
October, November, December $14. $17. $24. to following June

The Perfins Bulletin is mailed bulk rate printed matter. If you would like 1st Class (air to Canada and Foreign), add:

U.S. Canada Foreign
$5. $7. $10.

Please Print and complete This Application. Mail with U.S. Funds Only, to:

John C. Hart, Secretary
The Perfins Club
6500 Upper Applegate Road
Jacksonville OR 97530-9314